Qûx One

Format 29 x 29 cm - 90 pages
Book on sale for €50

Régis Granville has created his own visual language, stemming from his great tenderness for human beings in their daily lives, in their fragility, their dignity and their struggles. He suggests that we stop a moment to look around us with a fresh eye and see further than this present instant with its rush and its pressure.

One day in 2008, Régis suddenly knows that he is going to devote himself to working with glass, this noble material, both fragile and resistant, which puts light in material form and embodies something of the sacred.

From this moment, events move quickly. In 2009, he meets Udo Zembok, a glass artist known worldwide, and becomes his assistant. In 2010, he follows a course at the Université Atelier du Verre (university workshop in glass) at Sars Poteries in the north of France, then in the United States at the university campus of Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle.

"From the beginning I was at ease." he says, smiling. "How to work with glass came to me naturally, as if I had already done it in another life."
Today Régis invites us to explore the diversity of this remarkable material through his creations, which are immediately accessible to everyone, like poetry.

Interview by Yannick Dabrowski