Régis Granville, glass artist,


Silica, glass, pigments - and Fusion – a journey into endless transparent depths of colour. Lights flowing together, united through FUSING. "RG" Read more

Glass and earth are inseparable. In its change from silica to the shimmering purity of the finished work in glass, sand dust becomes light. This is the talent and the art of Régis Granville.

Glass is also companion to man. Glass is purity and depth. Its firing, its fusion is alchemy. Polishing brings out its beauty and gives the work its meaning. Bubbles of air are the sparkle of life. Régis works on flat glass fused into multiple layers with inclusion pigments.

When all seems to be dissolving into light, the journey begins. A journey where you discover resonance in yourself and explore the mirror each work holds out to you.

Because art has this power to unite the hearts of men to the depth. This is the invitation of Régis Granville. Interview by Diane Saunier, writer.